The Consultation

Before we meet for your first consultation I will ask you to fill in a form, this will either be sent to you by post or via email.

A first appointment can last up to an hour and a half.  It does not involve any physical examination.  I will take a full case history, and, for allergy (intolerance/sensitivity) testing, conduct some non-invasive muscle response tests and then provide my homeopathic/allergy testing prescription.  This will be homeopathic remedies and possibly desensitisation remedies, observations about diet and general lifestyle advice.  Subsequent appointments last up to an hour  

Homeopathic remedies that I have in stock will be included in the consultation fee but anything that needs to be specially ordered will incur an extra cost.  

What does it cost?

First Appointment £70
Subsequent Appointments £50

How often will I need to see you?
The most common interval in between appointments is four weeks, however if a patient is severely unwell or needing extra support they may choose or need to come more frequently. What I have seen in most cases is that as a patient’s well being improves the interval between appointments will naturally lengthen until optimum health and vitality is achieved.

Testing for Allergies (Sensitivities/Intolerance)

A range of suspected allergens and toxins are tested using a 'muscle response’ test which is a simplified form of Diagnostic Kinesiology.  It is a safe, non-painful and non-invasive test which is both accurate and versatile and involves you in your own allergy detection.  There is no need for blood or hair samples to be taken and no substance is brought into direct contact with the skin.  It does not involve removing any clothing.  Light pressure is applied to the muscle being tested whilst the test vial is placed on the body.  If the muscle weakens, it indicates a sensitivity to the food or substance being tested.

As well as identifying problem foods and additives, muscle response testing can reveal sensitivities to a wide range of substances. These include inhalant allergens such as pollens and moulds; environmental pollutants like diesel fumes and chlorine; household chemicals such as washing powder and shampoo, and so on.

Muscle response testing also reveals the presence of key toxins in the body, such as heavy metals, fungi and parasites all of which predispose to allergy.  

The test will provide an accurate picture of your allergy and toxicity status.  A staged desensitisation programme will be devised that covers the problems found in the test. With some people it may be necessary to deal with other areas of weakness in the body first before beginning the desensitisation work. This allows the desensitisation the largest area of success. 

Babies and small children are “surrogate” tested by using the response of a parent’s arm whilst holding the child.

Dealing with Allergies (Sensitivities/Intolerance)

There are a number of different methods of testing for allergies and sensitivities, however what is less available are solutions to the response. In the case of food sensitivities, it is possible to stop eating the specific foods that are causing a problem but with something like hay fever one cannot completely avoid exposure to pollens or grasses.

The aim is to reduce the toxic load in your body, and at the same time strengthen your immune response to the allergens or pathogens causing your problems.

Homeopathic remedies can be very useful. They help with the underlying susceptibility to the stresses, toxins and allergens that undermine our health. They can also be very helpful simply for symptom relief.

Many people benefit from Isopathic (Homeopathic) Desensitisation (which means 'removing sensitivity'). This can be very effective, and is safely done using homeopathic potencies of the substances to which you are allergic (eg. milk, pollens, etc). Desensitisation restores tolerance to foods, and to a wide range of other allergens which cannot be eliminated from our environments easily, such as house dust mite, pollens, diesel fumes, etc. If you have a high degree of sensitivity to certain foods, a period of elimination may also be recommended.
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